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Used Books
Used Books


It's time to start thinking differently about education.

The goal of HMH is to give you a place to gather and an atmosphere to learn in.  


Inside the Meeting House you'll find...


Education as we know it has changed in both public and private schools. HMH seeks to provide parents and students with Biblical resources, advocacy information, educational materials, and more. Attend classes and events to get plugged into the community!

Used Books

We've partnered with Little Green Schoolhouse to offer used books for sale at the Meeting House. Find the materials you need from literature to homeschool curricula.

Office Supplies + Copying

Stop by to take advantage of our copier, paper cutter, laminator, and book binder for a small fee.

Homeschooling Materials + Kits  

If you join our Preservation Library Co-op, you'll be able to borrow our nature and art kits, chemistry sets, math manipulatives, puzzles, games, DVDs, audiobooks, and more!

Our Preservation Library  

We have a collection of over 8,000 curated books that represent the finest works in children's and young adult's literature - many of which are currently being culled from public library shelves. These are yours for the borrowing when you join our Library Co-op. Always thought homeschooling was expensive? We can show you how to homeschool your kids using just the books in our library!

Classroom Space

Reserve one of our meeting rooms to teach a class, hold a meeting, or just get away for a night out with friends in a quiet space surrounded by books and coffee. Reserve your space now!

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