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Plants and Coffees


HMH is a unique addition to the Michiana area and is
home to Heritage Children's Library as well as a meeting house for groups, a cafe serving local and fair trade
coffees, educational resources, and a shop featuring local artisan goods.

Most importantly though, we offer resources and

advocacy for families to fight the overt political agendas

that are flooding our education system. It's time to explore alternative educational options. The world has changed and so has our notion of what school can look like for

our children, so let us help you fight this battle for the

next generation.

We can teach you how to homeschool your child using just the books in our library. We offer curriculum consults, classes, and workshops with veteran educators to answer all of your education questions. You don't have to be locked into a system. Let us show you how you can make homeschooling a reality, even for full-time or work-from-home families.

Thanks! We'll be in touch!



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